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Movie Classification

These thumbnails expand on the category definitions mentioned in this post about classification at Science In Action
I got thinking about such a classification because some movies which are different in some ways are obviously exactly the same in other ways. Is there a way to classify movies that recognizes these underlying similarities and treats the differences as superficial? Examples:

10 Little Indians
Who is the killer in the group? Usually isolated from outside help. Is anyone whom they seem?

Who will survive? No monster or killer on the loose. "Grand Hotel" goes down in flames.

Beat the Clock
Can they stop him in time? (Is this different enough from "thriller"?)

Triumph or tragedy of one character. What made him/her tick?

Buddy Movie
They start out hating each other, but end up best friends.

Coming of Age
The protagonist must find reserves of inner strength to overcome the intolerable situation. The protagonist changes, and must do it (more or less) on his or her own.

A lone protagonist must defeat overwhelming odds. If possible, save the world (or at least avert unimaginable tragedy). And must do it without (much) outside help. Sometimes close to "Beat the Clock"?

Hill of Beans
A love triangle is embedded in some bigger situation. Who will get whom? Who really loves whom?

"Listen. And understand. That terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead." "(bang! . . .bang!). . . Bullets have no effect on it!!" Can they stop it? Will anyone survive? (Not isolated in an old house or equivalent.) (Is this different enough from "adventure"?)

Old House
Things jumping out while the pool of victims is drained one by one. One or two will survive. Different from 10 Little Indians in that the threat is clearly from the outside. Different from Monster because the protagonists are isolated . . . and things keep jumping out at them!

Road Movie / Quest
This has a classic episodic structure. Often uses a quest to motivate the action. The central protagonists encounter diverse characters, incidents and situations as they move through the story. Does it actually have to involve travel from one place to another?

I have trouble with this one. The idea is that there is a good guy and a bad guy, and a lady in jeopardy (genders are fungible). It involves a duel, perhaps a duel of wits. Will the bad guy get away with it? Doesn't involve saving the world, just finding the truth and saving the "girl". Many of the best involve an ordinary guy being put in a threatening situation--he has to save himself (The 39 Steps, North by Northwest, Kill Bill?).

War Movie
Here's another where I hijack the name for a narrower use. Men (or women, or men and women) are thrown together and bond into a team to do what has to be done. It's about the unit, not the enemy. The enemy will not be permanently defeated, but the unit will survive.

A "western", in this classification, is a contest between opposing economic or political systems (farmer/rancher, computer/human or empire/rebel), which are cast by the filmmaker as good vs. evil. Naturally heroes on each side are pitted against each other. Generally violence is involved.

If it is just a contest between good and evil individuals, I might not call it a western.
The term "western" does not refer to the locations. Nor are Titanic and The Poseidon Adventure "sea stories". Likewise a movie set in The West, involving horses, doesn't have to be a "western" in this sense.
A contest where one side isn't portrayed as good, and the other as evil, wouldn't qualify as a western.

And What About . . .
A straight love story? Will they sleep together? (Or will they get back together?) Then what? No shootings. No car chases.
A "Trip"? It seems like a sane story, but turns out to have all been a dream, or otherwise gets resolved without resolution. Is this a category of its own?
An epic, with lots of stars and lots of intertwined stories?

Obviously any kind of movie can be rendered in any location, period, or style, with or without musical numbers. For example:
The Test
Ideally this classification system should be able to categorize any movie. Some of the best, of course, incorporate several elements.

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